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Practice Areas, Templates, & Subscriptions

At EV Law, we like to be on the cutting edge. We offer our clients a range of options from purchasing template agreements to self-customize, templates with attorney review, Managed Legal Services Subscriptions, and other pricing plans.

Practice Areas

Business Formation

Limited Liability Company Registration                   ♦                      Articles of Incorporation                      ♦                                       Operating Agreement

    Contract Drafting & Negotiation

    Professional Services                                            ♦                         Software as a Service                        ♦                                       Referral & Reseller

    Privacy & Data Security

    Privacy Policy & Website Terms                            ♦             GDPR, CCPA, & CPRA Compliance               ♦                                    Data Security Agreements

    Trademark & Copyright Registration

    Trademark Search                                                 ♦                      US Trademark Application                    ♦                                      US Copyright Registration